QuiCR (kwikr) v.t. The act of using crowds to provide instant responses on your service or product.

Consulting Services

Right now, QuiCR is focusing on the consulting side of its business.

We bring together over 20 years of SQL Server experience to bear on yor problems.

  • Are your backups secure?
  • Are queries running slow?
  • Need data impors automated?
  • We can help!

We can also provide web-front end development resources!
If you have other needs, we can talk!

But this does not mean we've lost site of our core mission!

We are continuing to develop our QuiCR platform and looking for customers.

Instant Contact with Your Customers

Your business is built upon your customers. A happy customer is one who is more likely to come back. And one who is more likely to tell others about your business. They want you to succeed and they often want to provide you with feedback.

You may be using technologies such as phone surveys and exit response cards, or web-based reservation systems. But you're probably not getting the feedback or usage you'd like. One big reason for this is that in this fast-paced world, people just don't want to take more than 30 seconds to report an issue or fumble with a smart phone trying to make a reservation on the fly.

QuiCR-QR can help!

In 3 quick and easy steps, your customers can provide feedback or report issues in under 30 seconds:

  • Scan the QR Code
  • Select the issue
  • Submit the issue

You can get notified instantly via SMS, email or collect the data in a report for later analysis.

For more details see our QuiCR-QR page.


In response to a customer request, we have developed a new product that allows you to send and receive SMS messages via your browser. This is perfect for a business restaurant where you want to receive take-out orders via text, or take a reservation from someone who may be walking around the mall.

For more details see our QuiCR-Text page.

Ask Today about signing up for a demo

If you want QuiCR-QR or QuiCR-Text, Contact us today for details.

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