QuiCR (kwikr) v.t. The act of using crowds to provide instant responses on your service or product.


Customer feedback is king in the hospitality industry. One bad experience can turn a customer off of your hotel or resort forever.

Things break. Things aren't perfect. It happens. If it's a big enough issue, sure your customer will inform you. If the toilet springs a leak they'll, call the front desk immediately. But what about if a reading light is burnt out? Or if the tv remote batteries are dying. They might be annoyed, but probably not enough to bother to call the front desk or let anyone know. But they'll go away with a slightly sour taste in their mouth.

With QuiCR, they can now report most basic maintenance issues in under 30 seconds. With that low of a barrier to reporting, just think of how many little things can be fixed and how much higher your customer satisfaction will be.

If it's a short-term stay, it can be fixed for the next person. And the person reporting it gets the satisfaction of knowing that they did little their part about making the world a better place for the next person.

If it's a longer-term stay, they can report it in the morning before they visit the local sites and you can have it fixed by the time they return with a nice note (and perhaps a coupon to a local restaurant) waiting for them. Just think how pleased they will be with your immediate service and attention to detail. They're sure to remember that the next time they are booking a stay.

Click above or scan with your mobile device to see QuiCR in action.

Examples of what QuiCR can report for your business:

  • Burned out light bulb
  • Housekeeping failed to visit
  • TV Remote not working or needs batteries
  • Please leave extra towels
  • Ice machine has no ice
  • A/C unit not working properly
  • Toilet is continually running
  • Anything you want to add
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