QuiCR (kwikr) v.t. The act of using crowds to provide instant responses on your service or product.


Are your customers going away happy? How do you know? In most cases you probably don't know. And if they're not happy, it could be for the most trivial of reasons. Perhaps the service was slow. Perhaps the food was cold. Perhaps there wasn't enough salt on the glass of your signature margarita drink!

Or perhaps they loved the place, but like many of us, they're too busy to take the time to drop a note in the comment box.

With QuiCR, you can instantly capture all of this information and more.

With QuiCR, you can have it your way. You can collect information just at the door as they are leaving, or you can collect it at each table. When you sign up, we work with you to customize QuiCR to your business.

Click above or scan with your mobile device to see QuiCR in action.

Examples of what QuiCR can report for your business:

  • Food was Great!
  • Food was cold!
  • Food was too spicy!
  • Service was slow
  • Service was great!
  • Signature Margarita was perfect!
  • Signature Margarita needs more salt!
  • Anything you want specific to your restaurant
Click here for an example report.
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