QuiCR (kwikr) v.t. The act of using crowds to provide instant responses on your service or product.

Service Industry

Ok, let's admit it, a lot of the service industry isn't glamorous. But it's certainly necessary. For example, no one wants to walk into a messy bathroom when in a public place. Gone are the days of a bathroom attendant to hand you your towel and spritz your hands.

However, we still expect some basic things: cleanliness, adequate toilet paper, paper towels, soap, and trash bins that aren't overflowing. Sure, you may have someone go in every hour checking the bathroom to make sure it's up to snuff, but what happens in between those times? What happens if they're not doing their job?

With QuiCR, all users can now instantly report issues so they can be resolved sooner. Is toilet paper running low? Find out before it's too late! Are the trash bins overflowing, fix it before it becomes a problem.

Click above or scan with your mobile device to see QuiCR in action.

Examples of what QuiCR can report for your business:

  • Toilet paper running low
  • Receptacles are filling up
  • Soap is low
  • Floor needs mopping
  • Other messages specific to your needs
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